Self Care Sunday!

How often have do you take 20 minutes out your day and grab a book to read?

How often do you stimulate your mind and relax? Every Sunday I challenge you Qweens to put aside down time to do something specifically for you that will relax you and not cost you a dime. Something that is needed, and required to get you ready for the week, its challenges, and that long haul ahead. So when have you relaxed your mind?

Reading strengthens your brain, reduces stress, alleviates depression, it also increases your ability to empathize. With the world so easily accessible at our fingertips, we are so plugged in to what everyone else has going on, that we rarely take the time to chill. Thats why depression is at an all time high. Your constantly downloading everyone else's emotions, and moods that you easily lose sight of who you are, your goals, and your own peace. Its so important to break away!!

I have several books I purchased at home that interest me, from healthy eating, chakra balancing, business building, and enlightening and activating the inner Goddess in me. You can always find a book you enjoy. You can easily find books on audible that you can listen to while cooking or drinking your coffee for just 20 minutes one day during the week.

I encourage you ladies, to practice self love and to encourage self love to those around you. - Qween Bella

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