Self Care Sunday!!!!

How often do you work out? For how long? The most love you can give and show yourself that provides health, mental and spiritual is fitness. I never understand how you cant take at least 30 minutes a day to improve the most important person to you, Yourself. I love fitness bc of how it makes me feel. Some days are hard, and when I go to the gym and work out I feel so much better afterwards.

Not only does working out improve your weight, it improves your mood, allows for better sleep, boosts energy, improves your libido, combats health issues and diseases. So basically Fitness is the ultimate self care!! While you are sitting on the sofa, or scrolling facebook and Instagram, you can be moving. With the world so accessible at our fingertips you can easily burn calories in the comfort of your own home. And afterwards enjoy you a nice healthy meal, and relax.

Here is a link to a 15 minute HIIT work out!! Sweat, Move your body, Make it fun, get into it so you will do it again!!! Be encouraged as well, Its never a race its always a marathon!!!


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